About THis series: 

City dwelling and creative pursuits have long gone hand-in-hand. You want to be an actor? A novelist? A painter? New York or Los Angeles (maybe Chicago, maybe Portland, maybe Austin) always seemed like the only places where one could live and build a successful career in the arts.  But the realities of city life can make living, working and creating feel impossible.  

And so--creative people get creative. We've all heard of the quirky small towns and remote artist retreats that create a haven for creative minds, but how do artists find themselves thriving in these little corners of the world? How do you find that remote writing job that enables you to travel and write at will?  When did selling work on etsy or bigcartel become a full-time job?  How do you snag a touring gig and then come home to your own little cabin in the woods, far away from the hustle, bustle, and smell of hot urine on the subway? 

In this series, I interview creative people from all disciplines  who are avoiding the big city in favor of rural, small-town, or transient living. Whether the choice is personal, financial, or based in a creative process, we’ll talk about what opportunities exist for creative folks less inclined to city life.