What We Do

The mission of The Fool is to inspire, guide and connect young artists of all disciplines in Austin, TX. Our digital magazine features articles on local individuals, as well as the visual and literary work of our contributors. By providing a forum where artists can share a unified experience, cross-pollinate, and expand the context of discourse, we hope to support the emerging artist’s journey.

Who We Are

Eloise Kirn, Editor

Ellie graduated from the University of Michigan in 2014, where she studied theatre directing and political science. After graduation, she traveled Europe train by train in order to write her first novel. While lying on a flea infested bunk bed in a dilapidated hostel somewhere outside Barcelona, she decided there was absolutely no reason not to dedicate her life to her one true passion: writing. In September 2015, she moved from her hometown of Marin, CA to Austin, TX in the pursuit of finding others to collaborate, create and be great with.

Sara Chojnacki, Editor/CREATIVE director

Sara moved to Austin in August 2015 after graduating with English and French degrees from a liberal arts college in Michigan. Raised by two artists (traditionally known as her parents) near Milwaukee, WI, Sara is a lover of all things art, literature, and music. She currently teaches Fourth Grade at a classical academy north of Austin, and spends her weekends frequenting local coffee shops where she exclusively orders white chocolate americanos. She hopes to use her skills in editing and graphic design to ignite artistic passion in all who read The Fool.

Abigail Kirn, Art director

Abby is a senior at the University of Michigan studying Art & Design, Spanish and Theatre Arts. She has experience in marketing, including photography, videography, website design, and social media. She is also a master chef and a baker. If you thought cookies weren't an art form, you have yet to try her Grannie's chocolate chip. With her eye for design and love for all things Austin, Abby is leading The Fool's promotional efforts.

Steve Wonder and fish tacos make Abby's world go round. Therefore she one day plans on owning a music venue and food truck in Austin. Except this one will be original.

John Drabik, writer/Music guru

John scrambles eggs by day and slams guitars by night. He is from New York City and came to Austin, TX after college graduation to pursue his music career.  He reports on the local music scene from a first-person perspective.

He's also been to approximately thirty-six John Mayor concerts (though he'll never admit it).



Location: Austin, TX

Email: thefoolmag@gmail.com

Our Name

Etymologically, Fool emerged as a title for the jester of the court; a man of masks who could tell the truth where others could not. This term then transformed to mean a common clown, and developed the connotation of unwise and imprudent we use today.

However, in the Tarot Card mythology, the Fool represents a pure-hearted person on a quest for adventure and self-fulfillment. Generation after generation the Fool ventures into the unknown with wide eyes and lust. Seeking truth above societal acceptance, the Fool is a gambler; a risk-taker; an inherent rule-breaker. For this, he or she is often deemed by society as childlike, naive, or lost. 

We aim to change the colloquial meaning.

A Fool must battle many dragons and fail often. But they are never afraid to appear foolish—for that is the only way to change the game. To find the treasure others do not seek, follow your own compass. Act a fool.

Letter from the Editors